God is good all of the time… all of the time God is good.

Good is good all of the time... all of the time God is good

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one year later etc etc etc….

january ninth found me gazing out of the window with some sort of hope that this one would just drift by and I would be okay. grieving is a weird thing. one minute your up. the next your down. then your back up again. no said it would be easy. they just said it would be worth it. by the way i hate every fucking cliche ever invented no matter how appropriate for the occasion. i can by cynical i suppose… but dangit. enough already. 🙂 the photo is hopeful the poem comes from a state of exhaustion. all rolled up in to a twenty four hour period of grieving bi- polarness.

a very blurry year.

it’s one year later…

and i thought i’d just sit
here for a minute
and catch my breath

everything done i’d thought i’d

before the next thing

and then i fell

right in to it…

i didn’t wake to
the ringing of the phone
or the bip bip of the text

i just lay sleeping
not even dreaming

so far in to the
calm sweet black
and unaware

(c) kimberly keck 2015

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the joys of youth…


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Alive inside.

Alive inside.

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no toast.

what a weird sunday
i stand at the stove
salting meat with my tears
all natural no preservatives
just honest to goodness
no soundtrack
no gentle breeze
but the sausages tasted pretty good
dunked in over easy eggs…

but i wasn’t hungry…

(c) kimberly keck 2014


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“amos lee…”

one of my favorite songs is “my heart is a flower”.

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I can tell that we are gonna be friends…

I can tell that we are gonna be friends...

portrait gallery selection…

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